Filtering Data with Queries in LightSwitch


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In LightSwitch, you can use queries to work with a subset of data. For example, instead of displaying all orders, you can use a query to display orders for customers in a certain country or region.

In this set of lessons you’ll learn how to create both simple and parameterized queries and apply them to screens.

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These lessons build upon the My First Application project that you last modified in the Displaying Local Information lesson. If your application isn't already open in Visual Studio, on the menu bar, choose File, Open Project to open it.

Read this lessonTo learn
Creating a Basic QueryHow to create a basic query in the Query Designer.
Creating a Screen Based on a QueryHow to create a screen to display the results of a query.
Creating a Parameterized QueryHow to create a query that includes a value determined at run time.
Using a Parameterized Query on a ScreenHow to display the results of a parameterized query.

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