Working with Data in LightSwitch


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Applications that you build in LightSwitch use a "forms over data" model. This means that forms, which are called screens in LightSwitch, are used to display, enter, or update data that is stored in a database or other data source. In this set of lessons, you’ll learn how to connect to a data source, change the data types that are used to display data, validate data, define relationships between data sources, and much more.

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This lesson builds upon the My First Application project that you created in the Creating Your First LightSwitch Application lesson. If your application isn't already open in Visual Studio, on the menu bar, choose File, Open Project to open it.

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Connecting to DataHow to connect to an Open Data Protocol (OData) data source.
Customizing Entity FieldsHow to display data in a format different from its storage type.
Presenting a List of ChoicesHow to create a fixed list of values for a data field.
Validating DataHow to validate the information that your users enter.
Adding a Computed PropertyHow to create calculated values.
Defining RelationshipsHow to define relationships between data in different data sources.

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