Enabling Authorization and Creating Permissions in LightSwitch


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You can use the authorization and authentication features in LightSwitch to control access to screens and data. For example, you could create a permission to view a payroll screen, and the application administrator can grant or deny that permission to individuals or to groups of users defined as roles.

In this set of lessons you will learn how to enable authentication and create permissions.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

These lessons build upon the My First Application project that you last modified in the Setting the Startup Screen lesson. If your application isn't already open in Visual Studio, on the menu bar, choose File, Open Project to open it.

Read this lessonTo learn
Enabling AuthenticationHow to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your LightSwitch application.
Creating PermissionsHow to create a permission to view a screen.
Restricting Access to a ScreenHow to apply a permission in code.
Using Debug Permissions to Test CodeHow to test your code with different sets of permissions.

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