Module.AddFromString Method (Access)
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Module.AddFromString Method (Access)

The AddFromString method adds a string to a Module object. The Module object may represent a standard module or a class module.

expression .AddFromString(String)

expression A variable that represents a Module object.




Data Type





The information that you want to add to the module.

Return Value


The AddFromString method places the contents of a string after the Declarations section and before the first existing procedure in the module if the module contains other procedures.

In order to add a string to a form or report module, the form or report must be open in form Design view or report Design view. In order to add a string to a standard module or class module, the module must be open.

This example creates a new form and adds a string and the contents of the Functions.txt file to its module. Run the following procedure from a standard module:

Sub AddTextToFormModule() 
 Dim frm As Form, mdl As Module 
 Set frm = CreateForm 
 Set mdl = frm.Module 
 mdl.AddFromString "Public intY As Integer" 
 mdl.AddFromFile "C:\My Documents\Functions.txt" 
End Sub
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