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Form.PopUp Property (Access)
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Form.PopUp Property (Access)

Specifies whether a form opens as a pop-up window. Read/write Boolean.

expression .PopUp

expression A variable that represents a Form object.

The PopUp property uses the following settings.


Visual Basic




The form opens as a pop-up window. It remains on top of all other Microsoft Access windows.



(Default) The form isn't a pop-up window.

The PopUp property can be set only in form Design view.

To specify the type of border you want on a pop-up window, use the BorderStyle property. You typically set the BorderStyle property to Thin for pop-up windows.

To create a custom dialog box, set the Modal property to Yes, the PopUp property to Yes, and the BorderStyle property to Dialog.

Setting the PopUp property to Yes makes the form a pop-up window only when you do one of the following:

  • Open it in Form view from the Database window.

  • Open it in Form view by using a macro or Visual Basic.

  • Switch from Design view to Form view.

When the PopUp property is set to Yes, you can't switch to other views from Form view because the form's toolbar isn't available. (You can't switch a pop-up form from Form view to Datasheet view, even in a macro or Visual Basic.) You must close the form and reopen it in Design or Datasheet view.

The form isn't a pop-up form in Design or Datasheet view, and also isn't if you switch from Datasheet to Form view.

Note Note

You can use the Dialog setting of the Window Mode argument of the OpenForm action to open a form with its PopUp and Modal properties set to Yes.

When you maximize a window in Microsoft Access, all other windows are also maximized when you open them or switch to them. However, pop-up forms aren't maximized. If you want a form to maintain its size when other windows are maximized, set its PopUp property to Yes.

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