This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ICLRStrongName::StrongNameSignatureSize Method

Returns the size of the strong name signature. This method is typically used by compilers to determine how much space to reserve in the file when creating a delay-signed assembly.

HRESULT StrongNameSignatureSize ( 
    [in]  BYTE   *pbPublicKeyBlob,
    [in]  ULONG  cbPublicKeyBlob, 
    [in]  DWORD  *pcbSize


[in] A structure of type PublicKeyBlob that contains the public portion of the key pair used to generate the strong name signature.


[in] The size, in bytes, of pbPublicKeyBlob.


[in] The number of bytes required to store the strong name signature.

S_OK if the method completed successfully; otherwise, an HRESULT value that indicates failure (see Common HRESULT Values for a list).

Platforms: See .NET Framework System Requirements.

Header: MetaHost.h

Library: Included as a resource in MSCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: 4