This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Font.Ligatures Property (Word)

Returns or sets the ligatures setting for the specified Font object. Read/write WdLigatures.

Version Added: Word 2010

expression .Ligatures

expression An expression that returns a Font object.

Open Type fonts support the use of ligatures. The Ligatures property specifies the Word 2010 ligatures setting to apply to an Open Type font.

The following table lists the four basic values for ligatures.




Designed to enhance readability and attractiveness. Standard ligatures in Latin languages include "fi", "fl", and "ff".


Designed to enhance readability and attractiveness by providing the best ligature choice given the surrounding text.


Older, ornamental ligatures that may look archaic to the modern reader. Not specifically designed for readability.


Designed to be ornamental and not designed to be readable.

Combinations of these four basic values form the set of available values for the Ligatures property. This set of values is represented in the WdLigatures enumeration.

The following code example applies Discretional ligatures to the font in the active document.

ActiveDocument.Range.Font.Ligatures = wdLigaturesDiscretional