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ReplaceFormat Property
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Application.ReplaceFormat Property (Excel)

Sets the replacement criteria to use in replacing cell formats. The replacement criteria is then used in a subsequent call to the Replace method of the Range object.

expression .ReplaceFormat

expression A variable that represents an Application object.

The following example sets the search criteria to find cells containing Arial, Regular, Size 10 font, replaces their formats with Arial, Bold, Size 8 font, and then calls the Replace method, with the optional arguments of SearchFormat and ReplaceFormat set to True to actually make the changes.

Sub MakeBold() 
 ' Establish search criteria. 
 With Application.FindFormat.Font 
 .Name = "Arial" 
 .FontStyle = "Regular" 
 .Size = 10 
 End With 
 ' Establish replacement criteria. 
 With Application.ReplaceFormat.Font 
 .Name = "Arial" 
 .FontStyle = "Bold" 
 .Size = 8 
 End With 
 ' Notify user. 
 With Application.ReplaceFormat.Font 
 MsgBox .Name & "-" & .FontStyle & "-" & .Size & _ 
 " font is what the search criteria will replace cell formats with." 
 End With 
 ' Make the replacements in the worksheet. 
 Cells.Replace What:="", Replacement:="", _ 
 SearchFormat:=True, ReplaceFormat:=True 
End Sub
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