This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Worksheet.Change Event (Excel)

Occurs when cells on the worksheet are changed by the user or by an external link.

expression .Change(Target)

expression A variable that represents a Worksheet object.




Data Type





The changed range. Can be more than one cell.

Return Value


This event does not occur when cells change during a recalculation. Use the Calculate event to trap a sheet recalculation.

The following code example changes the color of changed cells to blue.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target as Range) 
    Target.Font.ColorIndex = 5 
End Sub

Sample code provided by: MVP Contributor Bill Jelen, | About the Contributors

The following code example verifies that, when a cell value changes, the changed cell is in column A, and if the changed value of the cell is greater than 100. If the value is greater than 100, the adjacent cell in column B is changed to the color red.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) 
    If Target.Column = 1 Then 
        ThisRow = Target.Row 
        If Target.Value > 100 Then 
            Range("B" & ThisRow).Interior.ColorIndex = 3 
            Range("B" & ThisRow).Interior.ColorIndex = xlColorIndexNone 
        End If 
    End If 
End Sub

Sample code provided by: MVP Contributor Tom Urtis, Atlas Programming Management | About the Contributors

The following code example sets the values in the range A1:A10 to be uppercase as the data is entered into the cell.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    If Intersect(Target, Range("A1:A10")) Is Nothing Or Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
    Application.EnableEvents = False
    'Set the values to be uppercase
    Target.Value = UCase(Target.Value)
    Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub

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MVP Tom Urtis is the founder of Atlas Programming Management , a full-service Microsoft Office and Excel business solutions company in Silicon Valley. Tom has over 25 years of experience in business management and developing Microsoft Office applications, and is the co-author of “Holy Macro! It’s 2,500 Excel VBA Examples."