Application.CommandBars Property (Excel)

Office 2013 and later

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Returns a CommandBars object that represents the Microsoft Excel command bars. Read-only.

expression .CommandBars

expression An expression that returns a Application object.

Used with the Application object, this property returns the set of built-in and custom command bars available to the application.

When a workbook is embedded in another application and activated by the user by double-clicking the workbook, using this property with a Workbook object returns the set of Microsoft Excel command bars available within the other application. At all other times, using this property with a Workbook object returns Nothing.

There is no programmatic way to return the set of command bars attached to a workbook.

This example deletes all custom command bars that aren’t visible.

For Each bar In Application.CommandBars 
    If Not bar.BuiltIn And Not bar.Visible Then bar.Delete