MailMergeWizardSendToCustom Event
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Application.MailMergeWizardSendToCustom Event (Word)

Office 2013 and later

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Occurs when the custom button is clicked during step six of the Mail Merge Wizard.

Private Sub expression _MailMergeWizardSendToCustom(ByVal Doc As Document)

expression A variable that represents an Application object that has been declared with events in a class module.




Data Type





The mail merge main document.

Use the ShowSendToCustom property to create a custom button on the sixth step of the Mail Merge Wizard.

For information about using events with the Application object, see Using Events with the Application Object.

This example executes a merge to a fax machine when a user clicks the custom destination button. This example assumes that the user has access to a custom destination button, fax numbers are included for each record in the data source, and an application variable called MailMergeApp has been declared and set equal to the Word Application object.

Private Sub MailMergeApp_MailMergeWizardSendToCustom(ByVal Doc As Document) 
 With Doc.MailMerge 
 .Destination = wdSendToFax 
 End With 
End Sub
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