Modules Collection

The Modules collection contains all open standard modules and class modules in a Microsoft Access database.

All open modules are included in the Modules collection, whether they are uncompiled, are compiled, are in break mode, or contain the code that's running.

To determine whether an individual Module object represents a standard module or a class module, check the Module object's Type property.

The Modules collection belongs to the Microsoft Access Application object.

Individual Module objects in the Modules collection are indexed beginning with zero.

The following example illustrates how to use the Modules collection to loop through the open modules. The example prints the name if each open module in the Immediate window.

Sub PrintOpenModuleNames() 
 Dim i As Integer 
 Dim modOpenModules As Modules 
 Set modOpenModules = Application.Modules 
 For i = 0 To modOpenModules.Count - 1 
 Debug.Print modOpenModules(i).Name 
End Sub