Form.DatasheetFontName Property (Access)

You can use the DatasheetFontName property to specify the font used to display and print field names and data in Datasheet view. Read/write String.

expression .DatasheetFontName

expression A variable that represents a Form object.

The DatasheetFontName property applies to all fields in Datasheet view and to form controls when the form is in Datasheet view.

This property is only available in Visual Basic within a Microsoft Access database.

For the DatasheetFontName property, the font names you can specify depend on the fonts installed on your system and for your printer. If you specify a font that your system can't display or that isn't installed, Microsoft Windows will substitute a similar font.

The following table contains the properties that don't exist in the DAO Properties collection of until you set them by using the Formatting (Datasheet) toolbar or you can add them in an Access database by using the CreateProperty method and append it to the DAO Properties collection.

Note Note

When you add or set any property listed with an asterisk, Microsoft Access automatically adds all the properties listed with an asterisk to the Properties collection of the database.