This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

TabControl.TabFixedWidth Property (Access)

You can use the TabFixedWidth property to specify or determine the width of the tabs on a tab control. Read/write Integer.

expression .TabFixedWidth

expression A variable that represents a TabControl object.

The TabFixedWidth property setting is a value that represents the width of tabs in the unit of measurement specified in the Regional Options dialog box in Windows Control Panel. If you set this property to zero, the tabs automatically adjust to the width of the tab contents.

You can also set the default for this property by setting a control's DefaultControl property in Visual Basic.

Tthis property uses an Integer value representing the width of the tabs in twips and can be set in any view.

Note Note

To use a unit of measurement different from the setting in the Regional Options dialog box in Windows Control Panel, specify the unit, such as cm or in (for example, 5 cm or 3 in).

You can't change the color of a tab control. If the tabs don't cover the width of the tab control, the area behind the tabs is displayed. If you place a tab control on an object with a different color than the tab control, you should make sure that the tabs cover the control's background area.

The following example sets the width of each tab in the tab control "TabCtl1" on the "Mailing List" form to 2000 twips.

Forms("Mailing List").Controls("TabCtl1").TabFixedWidth = 2000