AppIcon Property

You can use the AppIcon property to specify the name of the bitmap (.bmp) or icon (.ico) file that contains the application's icon. For example, you can use the AppIcon property to specify a .bmp file that contains a picture of an automobile to represent an automotive parts application.

The AppIcon property is a string expression that's a valid bitmap or icon file name (including the path).

The easiest way to set this property is by using the Application Icon option in the Access Options dialog box, available by clicking the click the Microsoft Office ButtonFf835738.O12FileMenuButton_ZA10077102(en-us,office.14).gif and then clicking the Current Database category. You can also set this property by using a macro or Visual Basic .

To set the AppIcon property by using a macro or Visual Basic, you must first either set the property in the Access Options dialog box once or create the property in the following ways:

  • In a Microsoft Access database , you can add it by using the CreateProperty method and append it to the Properties collection of the Database object.

  • In a Microsoft Access project (.adp), you can add it to the AccessObjectProperties collection of the CurrentProject object by using the Add method.

You must also use the RefreshTitleBar method to make any changes visible immediately.

If you are distributing your application, it's recommended that the .bmp or .ico file containing the icon reside in the same directory as your Microsoft Access application.

If the AppIcon property isn't set or is invalid, the Microsoft Access icon is displayed.

This property setting takes effect immediately after it's set in code (as long as the code includes the RefreshTitleBar method) or the Access Options dialog box is closed.

The following example shows how to change the AppIcon and AppTitle properties in a Microsoft Access database. If the properties haven't already been set or created, you must create them and append them to the Properties collection by using the CreateProperty method.

Sub cmdAddProp_Click() 
 Dim intX As Integer 
 Const DB_Text As Long = 10 
 intX = AddAppProperty("AppTitle", DB_Text, "My Custom Application") 
 intX = AddAppProperty("AppIcon", DB_Text, "C:\Windows\Cars.bmp") 
 CurrentDb.Properties("UseAppIconForFrmRpt") = 1 
End Sub 
Function AddAppProperty(strName As String, _ 
 varType As Variant, varValue As Variant) As Integer 
 Dim dbs As Object, prp As Variant 
 Const conPropNotFoundError = 3270 
 Set dbs = CurrentDb 
 On Error GoTo AddProp_Err 
 dbs.Properties(strName) = varValue 
 AddAppProperty = True 
 Exit Function 
 If Err = conPropNotFoundError Then 
 Set prp = dbs.CreateProperty(strName, varType, varValue) 
 dbs.Properties.Append prp 
 AddAppProperty = False 
 Resume AddProp_Bye 
 End If 
End Function