Attachment.ColumnOrder Property (Access)

You can use the ColumnOrder property to specify the order of the columns in Datasheet view. Read/write Integer.

Version Added: Access 2007

expression .ColumnOrder

expression A variable that represents an Attachment object.

Note Note

The ColumnOrder property isn't available in Design view.

The ColumnOrder property applies to all fields in Datasheet view and to form controls when the form is in Datasheet view.

In other views, the property setting is 0 unless you explicitly change the order of one or more fields in Datasheet view (either by dragging the fields to new positions or by changing their ColumnOrder property settings). Fields to the right of the moved field's new position will have a property setting of 0 in views other than Datasheet view.

The order of the fields in Datasheet view doesn't affect the order of the fields in table Design view or Form view.