FillFormat.RotateWithObject Property (Word)

Returns or sets whether the fill rotates with the specified shape. Read/write.

Version Added: Word 2010

expression .RotateWithObject

expression An expression that returns a FillFormat object.

The value returned by the RotateWithObject property can be one of the MsoTriState constants listed in the following table.




The fill does not rotate with the shape.


The fill rotates with the shape.

The setting of the RotateWithObject property corresponds to the setting of the Rotate with shape box on the Fill pane of the Format Picture dialog box in the Word 2010 user interface (under Drawing Tools, on the Format Tab, in the Shape Styles group, click Format Shape.)

Note Note

The Rotate with shape box only appears if you have either the Gradient fill or Picture or texture fill option buttons selected on the Fill pane of the Format Shape dialog box.