Managing Platform Profiles and Properties

This topic describes the default properties for projects on each platform.

When a new project is created from an XNA Game Studio project template, its properties are automatically set according to the platform type. The following table describes the default profile and C# version for each platform:

PlatformGame profileC# version
Xbox 360HiDef3.0
Windows Phone Reach3.0

When the Create Copy of Project command is used, default properties in the original project are applied to the new, copied project. For example, when an Xbox 360 project using the HiDef Game Profile property is converted to Windows Phone, the Game Profile property of the Windows Phone project is automatically set to Reach.

For more information about converting game projects, see Adding New Platforms to an Existing Game.

Changing Default Properties

The Game Profile property can be changed in the XNA Game Studio Properties Page.

The C# version property can be changed from the Project Properties Designer page as described next.

To change the C# version property

  1. In Solution Explorer, double-click the Properties.


    On the Project menu, click [project name] Properties.

  2. In the Project Properties Designer dialog box, click the Build tab.

  3. Click the Advanced button at the bottom of the tabbed page.

  4. In the Advanced Build Settings dialog box, change the Language Version setting to the default, and then click OK.

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