Context-Sensitive Menu Sample Steps

This section shows how to add a context-sentive menu for the Servers node in Forefront TMG Management that will list all the adapters for each server in the array. To show the context-sensitive menu, the sample code traverses all the servers in the array, retrieving information about all the adapters on each server. This information is obtained through the administration COM objects. The sample code in this section retrieves information about the servers in the array through the IFPCServers and IFPCServer interfaces, and information about the adapters is retrieved through the IFPCAdapters and IFPCAdapter interfaces.

Note  The Servers node is available only in Forefront TMG Enterprise Edition.

This section includes sample code for the following steps:

  1. Retrieving each server in the array.
  2. Listing all the adapters on each server.
  3. Displaying all the adapters.



Build date: 7/12/2010

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