Functions (Alphabetical List)

Functions (Alphabetical List)

Office 2013 and later

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The following topics describe common functions used in Access expressions.

Abs Function

Array Function

Asc Function

Atn Function

Avg Function

CallByName Function

CBool Function

CByte Function

CCur Function

CDate Function

CDbl Function

CDec Function

Choose Function

Chr Function

CInt Function

CLng Function

Command Function

Cos Function

Count Function

CreateObject Function

CSng Function

CStr Function

CurDir Function

CurrentUser Method

CVar Function

CVErr Function

Date Function

DateAdd Function

DateDiff Function

DatePart Function

DateSerial Function

DateValue Function

DAvg Function

Day Function

DCount Method

DDB Function

DDEInitiate Method

DDERequest Method

DFirst Method

Dir Function

DLast Method

DLookup Method

DMax Method

DMin Method

DoEvents Function

DStDev Method

DStDevP Method

DSum Method

DVar Method

DVarP Method

Environ Function

EOF Function

Error Function

EuroConvert Method

Eval Method

Exp Function

FileAttr Function

FileDateTime Function

FileLen Function

Filter Function

Fix Function

Format Function

FormatCurrency Function

FormatDateTime Function

FormatNumber Function

FormatPercent Function

FreeFile Function

FV Function

GetAllSettings Function

GetAttr Function

GetObject Function

GetSetting Function

GUIDFromString Method

Hex Function

Hour Function

HtmlEncode Method

HyperlinkPart Method

IIf Function

IMEStatus Function

Input Function

InputBox Function

InStr Function

InStrRev Function

Int Function

IPmt Function

IRR Function

IsArray Function

IsDate Function

IsEmpty Function

IsError Function

IsMissing Function

IsNull Function

IsNumeric Function

IsObject Function

Join Function

LBound Function

LCase Function

Left Function

Len Function

Loc Function

LOF Function

Log Function

LTrim Function

Max Function

Mid Function

Min Function

Minute Function

MIRR Function

Month Function

MonthName Function

MsgBox Function

Now Function

NPer Function

NPV Function

Nz Method

Oct Function

Partition Function

PlainText Method

Pmt Function

PPmt Function

PV Function

QBColor Function

Rate Function

Replace Function

RGB Function

Right Function

Rnd Function

Round Function

RTrim Function

Second Function

Seek Function

Sgn Function

Shell Function

Sin Function

SLN Function

Space Function

Spc Function

Split Function

Sqr Function

Str Function

StrComp Function

StrConv Function

StDev Function

StDevP Function

String Function

StringFromGUID Method

StrReverse Function

Sum Function

Switch Function

SYD Function

Tab Function

Tan Function

Time Function

Timer Function

TimeSerial Function

TimeValue Function

Trim Function

TypeName Function

UBound Function

UCase Function

Val Function

Var, VarP Functions

VarType Function

Weekday Function

WeekdayName Function

Year Function

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