Document.RejectAllRevisionsShown Method (Word)

Office 2013 and later

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Rejects all revisions in a document that are displayed on the screen.

expression .RejectAllRevisionsShown

expression Required. A variable that represents a Document object.

This example hides revisions made by Jeff Smith and rejects all remaining revisions that are displayed.

Sub RejectAllChanges() 
 Dim rev As Reviewer 
 With ActiveWindow.View 
 'Show all revisions in the document 
 .ShowRevisionsAndComments = True 
 .ShowFormatChanges = True 
 .ShowInsertionsAndDeletions = True 
 For Each rev In .Reviewers 
 rev.Visible = True 
 'Hide revisions made by "Jeff Smith" 
 .Reviewers(Index:="Jeff Smith").Visible = False 
 End With 
 'Reject all revisions displayed in the active view 
End Sub