Code Sample: Silverlight List Viewer

SharePoint 2010

The Silverlight List Viewer sample for SharePoint 2010 creates a Microsoft Silverlight application that, when hosted on a SharePoint website, displays list items from that site.

Last modified: May 27, 2011

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Available in SharePoint Online

The sample creates a drop-down picker for selecting lists and displaying their contents within a dynamically generated Grid control. The sample shows how to use delegates for callback methods in asynchronous processing, and how to use a Dispatcher object to make changes in the SharePoint Foundation user interface.


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

  • Microsoft Silverlight 3

  1. Download the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK) from SharePoint 2010 Reference: Software Development Kit.

  2. Extract from the path %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SDKs to a local folder.

  3. In the folder where you extracted the files, locate the SilverlightListViewerSample folder, and open the Readme.txt file.

  4. Follow the instructions in Readme.txt to use the sample.