The Sandbox Reference Implementation (Sandbox RI) demonstrates best practice approaches to various aspects of sandboxed solution development. The key points illustrated by the Sandbox RI include the following:

  • List instances, site columns, content types, document templates, and Web Parts are deployed to the sandbox environment.
  • Use feature receiver classes within the sandbox environment and organize your feature dependencies.
  • Use SPSiteDataQuery object to aggregate data from multiple lists, which obviates the need to enumerate sites and lists.
  • Use of various patterns and techniques, including Model-View-Presenter (MVP), Constructor Injection, and exception shielding, to improve the reliability, modularity, and testability of your code.

We recommend deploying the reference implementation and exploring the different components and code in the ExecutionModels.Sandboxed solution. For more information about the sandbox execution environment, see Execution Models in SharePoint 2010.