Solution Overview

This topic provides a high-level conceptual overview of the Workflow Activities Reference Implementation (Workflow Activities RI). Essentially, the solution consists of a declarative workflow that includes built-in SharePoint workflow actions, custom full-trust activities, and sandboxed workflow actions. The following illustration shows the workflow logic.

The Workflow Activities RI


The preceding illustration was originally created using the new Export to Visio option in SharePoint Designer 2010. The annotations were manually added.

When you deploy the Workflow Activities RI, a workflow instance is created every time a work item with a content type of Estimate is added to the Estimates library. When a work item is approved, the workflow proceeds through the actions shown in the preceding illustration. The custom full-trust activities and sandboxed actions are called at the appropriate points in the workflow execution.

The Workflow Activities RI consists of three solution packages—one for the full-trust workflow activities, one for the sandboxed workflow action, and one for the declarative workflow definition.