How to: Set the Deployment Order for a Project


When you create large Microsoft® SharePoint® solutions in Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010 development system, your solutions will often contain several features. Additionally, these features will often include dependencies on other features within the solution package. In this situation, you must configure the solution to deploy your features in the correct order to prevent Visual Studio from attempting to activate a feature before its dependencies are in place. This how-to topic describes how to set the deployment order for features in a Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint solution.

This topic uses the ExecutionModels.Sandboxed solution as an example of a project with feature dependencies.


To change the project deployment order

  1. Open a Visual Studio 2010 solution based on one of the SharePoint project templates.
  2. In Solution Explorer, double-click the Package node.


    The Package Designer window opens.


  3. Select an item in the Package Designer window, and use the up and down arrow buttons on the right side to change the deployment order.


    Features at the top of the Package Designer window are deployed first. If a feature includes activation dependencies, make sure that the feature appears beneath its dependencies in the Package Designer window.

  4. Repeat this procedure until you achieve the desired order.