We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


A new implementation of the setjmp function.

int _setjmp3(
   OUT jmp_buf env,
   int count,
   (optional parameters)

[out] env

Address of the buffer for storing state information.

[in] count

The number of additional DWORDs of information that are stored in the optional parameters.

[in] optional parameters

Additional data pushed down by the setjmp intrinsic. The first DWORD is a function pointer that is used to unwind extra data and return to a nonvolatile register state. The second DWORD is the try level to be restored. Any further data is saved in the generic data array in the jmp_buf.

Always returns 0.

Do not use this function in a C++ program. It is an intrinsic function that does not support C++. For more information about how to use setjmp, see Using setjmp/longjmp.