Bootable Windows USB Stack (Standard 7 Package Reference)


This package is a Feature Pack in the category Embedded Enabling Features. The name of the package as it appears on disk and for use with some command-line tools is WinEmb-usbboot.

This package contains the drivers for USB hubs, USB host controllers, and USB Mass Storage devices and provides the ability to attach USB devices. This package also provides support for booting from a USB device, in contrast to the Standard Windows USB Stack package.




BootDriverFlags is a setting in the Bootable Windows USB Stack package.


PollBootPartitionTimeout is a setting in the Bootable Windows USB Stack package.

No services provided.

Package Dependencies

No package dependencies.

Group Dependencies

No group dependencies.

Optional Supporting Packages

No optional supporting packages.

This package conflicts with the package Standard Windows USB Stack.

If you select the Bootable Windows USB Stack, the Standard Windows USB Stack package is not required. The two packages are mutually exclusive; one package must be selected during dependency resolution, but only one package can be selected.