Deployment Methods (Standard 7 SP1)


There are many ways to install Windows Embedded Standard 7. This section describes the three supported deployment methods: from an image, from a configuration set, and from a DVD.

Every manufacturing process has advantages and disadvantages. The most suitable choice for you and your company depends on factors such as the following:

  • The number and type of computers that you plan to manufacture.
  • Whether your manufacturing model is build-to-plan, build-to-order, or a combination of these models.
  • How much you customize the operating system.
  • How much you automate your processes.
  • The quality checks that you perform on both hardware components and manufactured computers.
  • The existing infrastructure of your company.
  • Your company's growth rate and business goals.

The following table summarizes and compares the basic methods, according to three features:

  • Speed: The time to manufacture and deliver
  • Volume: The number of manufactured computers
  • Customization: The number of automated modifications made to the installed software






Installing from an image

Deploy an image an installation from a network share. You can customize the image on the factory floor if it is necessary.




Installing from a configuration set

Start destination computers from a bootable device—for example, floppy disk or Universal Flash Device (UFD)—and run Image Builder from a network share.




Installing from a DVD

Run Image Builder from the destination computer by using the Standard 7 product DVD; manually customize, audit, and reseal the installation.




The following section describes the general process of each method. You can modify the methods to fit your business needs.

The Standard 7 setup process performs several verifications, which rely on the target device's date and time settings. For optimal performance, confirm that the target device is set to the correct date and time.

Deploy from an Image

Describes the most flexible method of deploying an image onto multiple computers in a manufacturing environment.

Deploy from a Configuration Set

Describes a flexible and easy to maintain method to deploy an image onto a few computers.

Deploy from a DVD

Describes the manual method that does not use a network or images in the manufacturing process.