Windows Embedded Standard 7 Basics


Windows Embedded Standard 7 is an OS and development platform that you can use to incorporate up to 200 individual feature packages in a reduced footprint. Standard 7 takes advantage of existing development and deployment models in Windows 7 along with powerful tools in the Windows Application Installation Kit (AIK).

The Standard 7 OS consists of the Windows Embedded Core and more than 200 packages that contain the functionality available in the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system. Each of the 200 packages in Standard 7 belongs to a category and subcategory that describe the type of functionality those packages provide, for example, the Multimedia category or the Drivers category. Each package may also belong to a dependency group.

This section explains basic concepts and processes that you will encounter while you are using Standard 7 and Windows Embedded Standard 7 Toolkit.

Image Files in Windows Embedded Standard 7

Describes the contents and limitations of the Standard 7 image files.

Answer Files in Windows Embedded Standard 7

Describes Standard 7 answer files and their components and packages sections.

Distribution Shares in Windows Embedded Standard 7

Describes the Standard 7 OEM, out-of-box drivers and packages folders and the configuration sets and search paths.

Settings and Properties in Windows Embedded Standard 7

Describes component setings, component properties, component IDs, package properties and package settings.

Image Builder Configuration Passes

Describes how configuration passes work and the seven different configuration passes.

Elements of an Image

Describes the Windows Embedded Core, packages, package types, categories, dependency groups, and dependencies.

Life Cycle of an Image

Describes the phases of an image.

Building Images

How to create, customize, and localize a Standard 7 installation.

Deploying Images

How to deploy your custom image by using tools such as ImageX, Sysprep, Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) 3.0, Image Builder, Windows Deployment Services (WDS) or Windows 7 Distribution Image Servicing and Maintenance (DISM).

Maintaining Images

How to maintain online and offline Standard 7 images.

Windows Embedded Standard 7 Toolkit Technical Reference

Technical information about Standard 7 Toolkit embedded features, tools, and packages.

Technical Articles

How to develop and maintain Standard 7 images.