Enhanced Write Filter with HORM (Standard 7 SP1)


Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) lets you write-protect a run-time image. By redirecting all write requests to RAM, EWF enables the run-time image to maintain the appearance of a writable run-time image.

Windows Embedded Standard 7 only supports EWF RAM and RAM Reg modes. Disk mode is not supported.

EWF Overview

Provides an overview of Enhanced Write Filter. This overview describes the EWF architecture and the components that are required to support EWF.

EWF Modes

Describes the different modes of EWF, and how to implement each type.

EWF Installation and Configuration

Describes how to build and configure EWF-enabled images by using Image Builder Wizard and Image Configuration Editor.

EWF Design Considerations

Describes the considerations you should make before configuring and deploying an EWF-protected run-time image.

Troubleshooting EWF

Provides tips for troubleshooting common EWF configuration problems.

EWF Manager

Describes the command-line syntax for the EWF Manager.


Describes the functions that you can use to programmatically control EWF.

Enhanced Write Filter with HORM

Provides information about the Enhanced Write Filter with HORM package and settings.