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Runtime implementation of the dynamic_cast operator.

PVOID __RTDynamicCast (  
   PVOID inptr,   
   LONG VfDelta,  
   PVOID SrcType,  
   PVOID TargetType,   
   BOOL isReference  
   ) throw(...)  


Pointer to a polymorphic object.

Offset of virtual function pointer in object.

Static type of object pointed to by the inptr parameter.

Intended result of cast.

true if input is a reference; false if input is a pointer.

Pointer to the appropriate sub-object, if successful; otherwise, NULL.

bad_cast() if the input to dynamic_cast<> is a reference and the cast fails.

Converts inptr to an object of type TargetType. The type of inptr must be a pointer if TargetType is a pointer, or an l-value if TargetType is a reference. TargetType must be a pointer or a reference to a previously defined class type, or a pointer to void.

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