Known Issues on Nokia S60


The following symptoms may be related to known issues in Silverlight for Symbian.

  • Browser crashes intermittently.

    See "How to Create a Silverlight Application for S60" in Getting Started with Silverlight for Symbian for information about setting the <object> tag in the application.

  • Silverlight for Symbian cannot load large files.

    Files larger than 1 MB will not load. The Symbian operating system does not allow memory mapping of large files. This typically can affect fonts, .jpg files, and .xap files.

  • Unexpected behavior in the HTML OnLoad method.

    See "Silverlight Plug-In Access from JavaScript" in Platform Limitations on Nokia S60.

  • Unexpected behavior in focus management for the plug-in.

    Focus- and activity-based events do not occur when expected. Some input and focus events do not occur in a predictable order.

  • Files uploaded using WebClient are corrupted.

    This is a known issue with some Nokia device and firmware combinations. The bug is fixed in new firmware that is not yet publicly available.

  • Screen repaint is incomplete after an OpenFileDialog is used.

    When OpenFileDialog is closed, the following repaint issues can occur:

    • A part of the navigation bar is rendered incompletely when the dialog box is closed.

    • If the browser is in full-screen mode and an OpenFileDialog is opened and closed, the browser window full-screen watermark and the browser navigation bar display simultaneously. The browser behaves as though it is still in full-screen mode, and the user must switch out of this mode.

    • When the repaint issue described in the previous bullet point occurs, the navigation bar belonging to the application that was previously occupying the screen appears. For example, the Contacts button might appear.