Operating System Deployment


In Configuration Manager 2007, the operating system deployment feature allows you to create operating system images and deploy them to target client computer systems. The image, in a Windows Imaging Format (WIM) file format, contains the version of a Microsoft Windows operating system and can also include any other applications that need to be installed on the target system. Configuration Manager 2007 operating system deployment provides the following functionality:

  • Operating system image capture.
  • User state migration using the User State Migration Tool (USMT).
  • Operating system image deployment.
  • Task sequences.

To support operating system deployment by Configuration Manager 2007 Server, the target client must support the Pre-Execution Boot Environment (PXE), and Configuration Manager 2007 Advanced Client must be installed. Also, the target client must meet the operating-system deployment prerequisites. For more information, see Prerequisites for Operating System Deployment. Operating-system deployment is not available for devices that run Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 or earlier versions of Windows CE. For more information, see Operating System Deployment in Configuration Manager.