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This reference contains conceptual overviews, programming tasks, samples, and references to guide you in developing solutions based on Microsoft Visio 2010.

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Publish date of this reference: December 2010 (version 2010)

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This documentation contains the following information:

  • DatadiagramML Schema: Provides a full view of the DatadiagramML schema structure. You can click any element to go directly to its reference topic.

  • Overview of DatadiagramML: Provides an overview of DatadiagramML that includes information about the DatadiagramML schema, inheritance, working with sheets and formulas, working with geometry, working with text, loading XML files created outside of Visio, round-tripping XML data, embedding custom XML data, units of measure, and errors and warning messages.


    The examples in the overview topics for this reference show values for attributes in single quotation marks (') because Visio writes out this data by using single quotation marks. You can, however, enter attribute values in DatadiagramML files by using either double or single quotation marks. The examples provided in the reference topics show values for attributes in double quotation marks (").

  • DatadiagramML Element Reference: Provides details about all of the elements in the DatadiagramML schema. Each topic includes information about syntax, attributes, parent and child elements, and default units for elements that represent cells.

  • New Elements in DatadiagramML in Visio 2010: Provides a list of new elements in Visio 2010.