GraphicItem.UseDataGraphicPosition Property (Visio)

Office 2013 and later

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Gets or sets whether to use the current default callout position for graphic items of the data graphic master to whose GraphicItems collection the graphic item belongs. Read/write.

Note Note

This Visio object or member is available only to licensed users of Visio Professional 2013.

expression .UseDataGraphicPosition

expression An expression that returns a GraphicItem object.

Return Value


The default callout position for graphic items in the GraphicItems collection of a Master object of type visTypeDataGraphic, commonly called a data graphic master, is specified by the settings of the Master.DataGraphicVerticalPosition and Master.DataGraphicHorizontalPosition properties. If GraphicItem.UseDataGraphicPosition is True, the graphic item is positioned according to the default setting. If UseDataGraphicPosition is False, its position is determined by the settings of the GraphicItem.VerticalPosition and GraphicItem.HorizontalPosition properties.

In addition, if the HorizontalPosition and VerticalPosition property values of a graphic item are equal to the DataGraphicHorizontalPosition and DataGraphicVerticalPosition property values, the value of the UseDataGraphicPosition property for that graphic item is automatically set to True.

Note, however, that users can manually re-position a data graphic that has been applied to a shape by using the control handle of the data graphic. A position set in this manner takes precedence over the position specified by property settings.

Note Note

Before you can set any property of a graphic item, you must use the Master.Open method to open for editing a copy of the data graphic master whose GraphicItems collection the graphic item belongs to. When you are finished setting properties, use the Master.Close method to commit changes.

The setting of the UseDataGraphicPosition property corresponds to the setting of the Use default position box under Callout position in the New Text (or Edit Text), New Icon Set (or Edit Icon Set), or New Data Bar (or Edit Data Bar) dialog box, depending on the type of the graphic item, in the Microsoft Visio user interface.