Master.OneD Property (Visio)

Office 2013 and later

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Determines whether an object behaves as a one-dimensional (1-D) object. Read-only.

expression .OneD

expression A variable that represents a Master object.

Return Value


Setting the OneD property is equivalent to changing a shape's interaction style in the Behavior dialog box (click Behavior in the Shape Design group of the Developer tab). Setting the OneD property for a 1-D shape to False deletes its 1-D Endpoints section, even if the cells in that section were protected with the GUARD function.

You can get, but not set, the OneD property of a Master object.

The OneD property of a Shape object that is a guide is always 0. If you try to change the value of the OneD property of a guide shape, no error is raised, but the value remains 0.

The OneD property of an object from another application is always False.