DataRecordsetChangedEvent Object (Visio)

Passed by Microsoft Visio as the pSubjectObj argument to the VisEventProc method of the IVisEventProc interface when events related to refreshing a data recordset fire.


This Visio object or member is available only to licensed users of Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 or Visio Premium 2010.

To handle event notifications in Visio, create a class module that implements the IVisEventProc interface in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or Microsoft Visual Basic, and then create an instance of this class to pass as an argument to the AddAdvise method of the EventList collection.

When data recordset rows are added, changed, or deleted, and when data recordset columns are added or deleted, in each case as a result of a data recordset being refreshed, properties of the DataRecordsetChangedEvent object that is passed to the VisEventProc method return arrays of the affected rows or columns.

All properties of the DataRecordsetChangedEvent object are read-only.