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Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.GroupChat Namespace

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Public classChatHistoryQueryOptionsParameters which specify a chat history query.
Public classChatHistoryResultA collection of Messages for a single chat room, which match the requested ChatHistoryQueryOptions. Returned as the result of a chat history query.
Public classChatMessageRepresents a message that was posted to a chat room.
Public classChatMessageReceivedEventArgsEvent argument forwarded by a ChatRoomSession when a message is received.
Public classChatRoomDescribes a chat room. A chat room is a topic oriented, access controlled forum for posting real-time messages to be shared with a group of users. Chat rooms optionally support logging of chat history, which is available to members for review or query. To obtain a reference to a ChatRoom, and access other metadata about the chat room, see ChatRoomManagementServices.
Public classChatRoomCategoryDescribes a chat room category. A chat room category is a logical structure for organizing chat rooms. To obtain a reference to a ChatRoomCategory, and access other metadata about it, see CategoryManagementServices.
Public classChatRoomCategorySettingsSettings needed for creating a chat room category.
Public classChatRoomCategorySummaryBasic information about a chat room category.
Public classChatRoomFileDownloadJobProvides metadata and controls for handling a file download operation with a chat room.
Public classChatRoomFileTransferProgressEventArgsEvent argument forwarded by a ChatRoomFileDownloadJob or ChatRoomFileUploadJob when file transfer progress has changed.
Public classChatRoomFileUploadJobProvides metadata and controls for handling a file upload operation with a chat room.
Public classChatRoomInvitationEventArgsEvent argument forwarded by a GroupChatEndpoint when a chat room invitation is received.
Public classChatRoomParticipantRepresents a user that is actively joined to a ChatRoomSession.
Public classChatRoomPropertiesChangedEventArgsEvent argument forwarded by a ChatRoomSession when the properties of the chat room have changed.
Public classChatRoomSessionEnables a user to join a chat room. When joined to a chat room, a user can send and receive chat messages in real time.
Public classChatRoomSessionStateChangedEventArgsEvent argument forwarded by a ChatRoomSession when the participation status of the currently logged in user has changed.
Public classChatRoomSessionStateExceptionThrown when an operation is attempted on a ChatRoomSession, which is not supported based on its current state.
Public classChatRoomSettingsSettings needed for creating a chat room.
Public classChatRoomSnapshotReturned from a request to browse chat rooms.
Public classChatRoomSummaryBasic information about a chat room.
Public classChatServerConnectionExceptionThrown when the GroupChatEndpoint fails to connect to the Group Chat server, or when a request is made when the GroupChatEndpoint is not in a valid state.
Public classCommandFailedExceptionThrown when the group chat server encounters an error while processing a request.
Public classFormattedOutboundChatMessageUsed to construct a chat message that contains formatted parts, such as emoticons, hyperlinks, and chat room links. Once constructed, you must invoke one or more of the Append methods before sending this message (see BeginSendChatMessage(FormattedOutboundChatMessage, AsyncCallback, Object)).
Public classGroupChatAddInAn add-in is a web-based application which can be associated with a chat room (see AddIn).
Public classGroupChatEndpointAn endpoint which is the basis for all communication with the Group Chat server. This endpoint represents a single connection to a single group chat server, using an existing LocalEndpoint instance.
Public classGroupChatEndpointStateChangedEventArgsEvent argument forwarded by a GroupChatEndpointwhen the state of the group chat server connection has changed.
Public classGroupChatExceptionRepresents the base class for all exceptions defined in the Microsoft Group Chat API.
Public classGroupChatPreferenceBundleDescribes an arbitrary block of Data which a group chat application may define for storing user preferences and settings, or any other purpose.
Public classGroupChatServerConfigurationProperties and configuration settings which apply to the group chat server to which the GroupChatEndpoint has connected.
Public classGroupChatServicesProvides access to a wide variety of Group Chat features and services. For a list of these features and services, see the Remarks section below.
Public classInheritedChatRoomPropertyRepresents a Boolean value of a property which is derived from information associated with an entity, as well as information associated with the logical parent or parents of an entity.
Public classMessagePartBase class for all supported message parts. A message part is a portion of a message which can be parsed into an object. Examples include emoticons, hyperlinks, chat room links, and file download links.
Public classMessagePartChatRoomLinkA portion of a message that represents a chat room link.
Public classMessagePartEmoticonA portion of a message which represents an emoticon.
Public classMessagePartFileDownloadLinkA portion of a message which represents a downloadable file. This message part cannot be used for sending messages, it is only used for parsing inbound messages.
Public classMessagePartHyperLinkA portion of a message which represents a hyperlink, such as
Public classMessagePartPlainTextA portion of a message which represents a simple, plain-text string.
Public classMessagePartStoryTitleA portion of a message which represents a story title.
Public classParticipantAttendanceChangedEventArgsEvent argument forwarded by a ChatRoomSession when a user enters or leaves the room.
Public classParticipantLeftEventArgsEvent argument forwarded by a ChatRoomSession when another user leaves the chat room.
Public classParticipantPrivilegeChangedEventArgsEvent argument forwarded by a ChatRoomSession when the privileges of a user have changed. For more information, see IsManager and IsPresenter.

Public enumerationChatEmoticonEnumerates a chat message emoticon, which can be used as part of a chat message. For more information, see MessagePartEmoticon.
Public enumerationChatRoomRoleEnumerates a permissioned role on a ChatRoom or ChatRoomCategory. These roles may be granted to any provisioned GroupChatPrincipal.
Public enumerationChatRoomSessionStateEnumerates the state of a chat room session.
Public enumerationGroupChatEndpointStateEnumerates the state of a group chat endpoint.
Public enumerationGroupChatPrincipalTypeEnumerates a type of user or user group.