Using the Messenger Context

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

This section describes tasks that use the Messenger Context.

Signing In to Messenger (JavaScript Library)

Describes the steps to sign the authenticated user in to Windows Live Messenger.

Setting User Presence Status (JavaScript Library)

Shows how to change presence status programmatically for the signed-in user.

Monitoring Presence (JavaScript Library)

Shows how to track the presence status of the signed-in user and the user's contacts.

Managing Conversations

Shows how to create a conversation, send a message, handle incoming messages, and update the conversation window.

Adding and Removing Contacts (JavaScript Library)

Shows how to get the user's contact collection, add a new contact, and remove an existing contact from the contact collection.

Sending and Receiving Messages (JavaScript Library)

Shows how to send and receive instant messages, and work with events related to Messenger conversations.

Sending and Receiving Application Messages (JavaScript Library)

Shows how to send and receive custom information by using application messaging.

Sending and Receiving Application Presence (JavaScript Library)

Shows how to send and receive application presence information.

Microsoft Ajax Library for Messenger Connect

Shows how to use Messenger features with the ASP.NET Ajax Library.

Cross-page Navigation

Describes how to maintain a user's Messenger session across pages in the same site.

Application Contacts (Messenger Connect)

Describes how your application can enable users to communicate with people who are not on their contact lists.