lastReplyTime Property

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

Gets or sets the time of the last reply to an object of class Activity.

Feature:  Microsoft.Live.Services
Namespace:  Microsoft.Live.Services

// To retrieve:
var lastReplyTime = instance.get_lastReplyTime();

Return Value

A DateTime value that represents the time of the last reply to the Activity object.

If there are no replies, the lastReplyTime property returns undefined.

The following example demonstrates how to get the date-time stamp of the last reply to the activity.

            var lastReplyTime = (activity.get_lastReplyTime() === undefined) ? "no replies" : activity.get_lastReplyTime();

Windows Live Messenger Connect

Supported in: 4.1

Internet Explorer 8.0, Internet Explorer 7.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.0, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 1.5, Chrome 4.0, Chrome 3.0, Chrome 2.0, Chrome 1.0, Safari 4.0, Safari 3.0