AddBookmarkActivity Class

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

Adds a bookmark to an activity stream.

Feature:  Microsoft.Live.Services
Namespace:  Microsoft.Live.Services

The JavaScript Library for Windows Live Messenger Connect is built by using the Microsoft Ajax Library. Microsoft Ajax exposes a type system that enables you to add object-oriented capabilities to your JavaScript code. To learn more about creating, instantiating, and deriving from classes, see Creating Custom Client Script by Using the Microsoft Ajax Library.

Microsoft.Live.Services.AddBookmarkActivity = function();


The AddBookmarkActivity class is used to create an activity that represents a URL. For more information about the specification for this object type, see "Bookmark" in Atom Activity Base Schema.

An AddBookmarkActivity object can contain one or more objects of class BookmarkActivityObject that describe the individual bookmark activities. The bookmark activity objects are accessed using the activityObjects property.

For more information about activities, see Activities Resource and Working with Activities (JavaScript).

The following example demonstrates adding a bookmark activity to an existing activity collection.

function addBookmarkActivity() {
    if (myActivitiesCollection) {
        var targetLink = '';
        var title = 'a bookmark';
        var description = 'a favorite site';
        var bookmarkActivityObject = new Microsoft.Live.Services.BookmarkActivityObject(targetLink, title, description);
        var bookmarkActivityObject2 = new Microsoft.Live.Services.BookmarkActivityObject(targetLink, 'second bookmark', 'second description');
        var bookmarkActivity = new Microsoft.Live.Services.AddBookmarkActivity([bookmarkActivityObject, bookmarkActivityObject2], '');

	if (myActivitiesCollection.isValidType(bookmarkActivity)) {


Windows Live Messenger Connect

Supported in: 4.1

Internet Explorer 8.0, Internet Explorer 7.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.0, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 1.5, Chrome 4.0, Chrome 3.0, Chrome 2.0, Chrome 1.0, Safari 4.0, Safari 3.0