UI Controls Reference (Messenger Connect)

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

Windows Live Messenger Connect includes a variety of controls that you can add to your site with very little code. Each of these controls focuses on a Messenger-related task or function, such as enabling users to sign in with a Windows Live ID or to see which of their contacts are online.

The functionality of these controls depends on the scope of your application. You have three options:

  • To use the controls to build a custom application that uses Windows Live Messenger features, your application must use the Messenger.SignIn scope. This scope ensures that your users provide their consent for you to work with their Messenger-related information, such as their contacts or personal status messages.
  • To enable users to chat with other users within your application, use the Chat control. This control embeds a chat window on a webpage. After supplying a Windows Live ID, users can use this chat window to communicate with other users who are on the same webpage. The Chat control can be used over any application scope.
  • To access a user's Messenger-related information in an application that uses other scopes, use the UserInfo control. This control offers much of the functionality found in the Profile control, but does not require that you use the Messenger.SignIn scope. This approach can be helpful if your users have already provided consent for your application, because changing the scope would require that each user provide consent again.

For more information about application scopes, see Messenger Connect Scopes.

Control Description

Application Control

Required. Initializes the UI controls.

Sign In Control

Displays the UI that enables users to sign in to Windows Live.

Messenger.SignIn UI Controls

Contains information about all of the controls that require the Messenger.SignIn scope.

Chat Control

Contains information about how to add the Chat control, which enables users to chat with other users on a web page.

UserInfo Control

Contains information about the UserInfo control, which you can use to get Messenger-related information about a user without using the Messenger.SignIn scope.