What Is Messenger Connect?

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

Windows Live Messenger Connect is a collection of APIs and common controls that you can use to enhance the social appeal of your websites and rich-client applications by connecting them to Windows Live. After they are connected, your applications can request user permission to communicate via Windows Live Messenger, access a user's social network, and even retrieve photos via Windows Live SkyDrive from within the application.

Messenger Connect is designed to work with standard web technologies, including Microsoft ASP.NET, Adobe Flash Player, PHP, and Java.

Messenger Connect unites the APIs of Windows Live (Windows Live ID, Windows Live Contacts, the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit, and others) within a single API that is based on industry standards and specifications.

This section discusses the following topics.

Messenger Connect Overview

Discusses the core capabilities of Messenger Connect.

Messenger Connect Scopes

Explains how Messenger Connect provides access to an authenticated user's resources (Windows Live data and Windows Live Messenger data) by using scopes.

Application Types

Describes the Messenger Connect application types and shows how usage scenarios map to the integration choices that are available for each type.

Obtaining User Consent

Outlines the process by which Windows Live users opt in to provide consent for applications to access their Windows Live data.

Messenger Web Toolkit and Messenger Connect

Explains Messenger Connect for those who are familiar with the Messenger Web Toolkit. Includes information about migrating applications from the Messenger Web Toolkit to Messenger Connect.