Messenger.SignIn UI Controls

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

This section describes the Messenger Connect UI controls that require the Messenger.SignIn scope.

Control Description

Add Contact Control

Adds a contact to the user's contact list.

Application Contact Control

Sets attributes for an individual application contact.

Application Control (Legacy)

Initializes the UI controls.

Application Contacts Control

Sets the site-specific contacts for the signed-in user.

Contact List Control

Displays the current contact list for the user.

Contact Picker Control

Enables users to select contacts from their current contacts list.

Conversation Control

Displays a Messenger conversation, including message history and a text input area.

Conversation List Control

Displays the collection of Messenger conversations that the user is currently participating in

Display Name Control

Displays the display name for the specified user.

Display Picture Control

Displays the display picture for the specified user.

Else Control

Used together with the If Control to dynamically assess whether the conditions for the display of content currently exist.

If Control

Displays content if specified conditions are met.

Messenger Web Bar Control

Displays the Windows Live Messenger Web Bar, which provides a rich Windows Live Messenger experience, including presence, contact management, and instant messaging.

Personal Message Control

Displays the personal message for the specified user.

Presence Status Control

Displays the presence status for the specified user.

Profile Control

Displays a contact's picture, name, and personal message.

Sharing Control

Displays a control that lets users share a brief message to one or more contacts at the same time.

Sign In Control (Legacy)

Uses Delegated Authentication to sign-in new users. Uses an existing Delegated Authentication token to sign-in existing users.