Working with Profiles (JavaScript Library)

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

The topics in this section provide examples of working with the Profile resource and the StatusMessage resource using the Messenger Connect JavaScript library. In Messenger Connect, the Profile class encapsulates different aspects of a user's profile, such as first name or month of birth.

The StatusMessage class encapsulates status information such as the user's status message, which is represented by the statusText property of the StatusMessage class. The type of information that can be accessed and updated depends on the requested scope when the user consented and authenticated. For more information on scopes, see Messenger Connect Scopes.

When you work with profiles, note that if a data entry in a profile has not been specified, the string "unspecified" will be returned. Be sure to handle this case to provide the appropriate user experience.

Note   You can use the UserInfo control to quickly display the first name and thumbnail photo from the user's general profile. For details, see UserInfo Control.

Enumerating User Profile Data

Demonstrates how to retrieve profile information about the currently authenticated user.