PublishObjects Object (PowerPoint)

Office 2013 and later

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A collection of PublishObject objects representing the set of complete or partial loaded presentations that are available for publishing to HTML.

You can specify the content and attributes of the published presentation by setting various properties of the PublishObject object. For example, the SourceType property defines the portion of a loaded presentation to be published. The RangeStart property and the RangeEnd property specify the range of slides to publish, and the SpeakerNotes property designates whether or not to publish the speaker's notes.

You cannot add to the PublishObjects collection.

Use the PublishObjects property to return the PublishObjects collection. This example publishes slides three through five of the active presentation to HTML. It names the published presentation Mallard.htm.

With ActivePresentation.PublishObjects(1)

    .FileName = "C:\Test\Mallard.htm"

    .SourceType = ppPublishSlideRange

    .RangeStart = 3

    .RangeEnd = 5


End With

Use Item(index), where index is always "1", to return the single PublishObject object for a loaded presentation. There can be only one PublishObject object for each loaded presentation.

This example defines the PublishObject object to be the entire active presentation by setting the SourceType property to ppPublishAll.

ActivePresentation.PublishObjects.Item(1).SourceType = ppPublishAll