Presentation.Permission Property (PowerPoint)

Office 2013 and later

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expression .Permission

expression A variable that represents a Presentation object.

Return Value


Use the Permission object to restrict permissions to the active document and to return or set specific permissions settings.

Use the Enabled property to determine whether permissions are restricted on the active document. Use the Count property to return the number of users with permissions, and the RemoveAll method to reset all existing permissions.

The DocumentAuthor, EnableTrustedBrowser, RequestPermissionURL, and StoreLicenses properties provide additional information about permission settings.

The Permission object gives access to a collection of UserPermission objects. Use the UserPermission object to associate specific sets of rights with individual users. While some permissions granted in the user interface (such as msoPermissionPrint) apply to all users, you can use the UserPermission object to assign them on a per-user basis with per-user expiration dates.

Information Rights Management supports the use of administrative permission policies, which list users and groups and their document permissions. Use the ApplyPolicy method to apply a permission policy, and the PermissionFromPolicy, PolicyName, and PolicyDescription properties to return policy information.

The Permission object model is available whether permissions are restricted on the active document or not. The Permission property of the Presentation object does not return Nothing when the active document does not have restricted permissions. Use the Enabled property to determine whether a document has restricted permissions.

The following example creates a new presentation and assigns the user with e-mail address "" read permission on the new presentation. The example will display the permissions of the owner and the new user.

Sub AddUserPermissions()

 Dim myPres As PowerPoint.Presentation

 Dim myPer As Office.Permission

 Dim NewOwnerPer As Office.UserPermission

 Set myPres = Application.Presentations.Add(msoTrue)

 Set myPer = myPres.Permission

 myPer.Enabled = True

 Set NewOwnerPer = myPer.Add("", msoPermissionRead )

 MsgBox myPer(1).UserId + " " + Str(myPer(1).Permission)

 MsgBox myPer(2).UserId + " " + Str(myPer(2).Permission)

End Sub