LeaderLines Object (PowerPoint)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents leader lines on a chart. Leader lines connect data labels to data points.

This object is not a collection; there is no object that represents a single leader line.

This object applies only to pie charts.

Note Note

Although the following code applies to Microsoft Word, you can readily modify it to apply to PowerPoint.

Use the LeaderLines property to return the LeaderLines object. The following example adds data labels and blue leader lines to series one on the first chart in the active document. If no leader lines are visible, this example code will fail. In this situation, you can manually drag one of the data labels away from the pie chart to make a leader line show up.

With ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(1)

    If .HasChart Then

        With .Chart.SeriesCollection(1)

            .HasDataLabels = True

            .DataLabels.Position = xlLabelPositionBestFit

            .HasLeaderLines = True

            .LeaderLines.Border.ColorIndex = 5

        End With

    End If

End With