Create a hotspot

Expression Studio 1.0

You may want to add interactivity not to a specific image, but to a defined section of your composition. For example, you may want to group images by category and place each category in a specific part of your composition. To define a section of your composition, you can create a hotspot. After you have created a hotspot, you can treat it like an image by resizing it, adding it to a menu or slide show, adding an internal or external link to it, and so on.


To create a hotspot

  1. In the Composition workspace, click the Add hotspot icon Icon_Hotspot on the left side of the Images panel.

    The outline of a hotspot will appear in your composition.

  2. Drag the hotspot to position it where you want it. You can resize it with the resizing handles.

    tip noteTip

    To resize the hotspot proportionally, use the corner resizing handles.

If you add links to your hotspots, you can test them by clicking the Preview button in the Export workspace, and then, in the Deep Zoom Composer preview window, clicking the areas to which you added hotspots.

For more information, see Add links to images and hotspots and Preview in a browser on export.

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