Add tooltips to images and hotspots

Expression Studio 1.0

To add a tooltip to an image or a hotspot

  1. In the Compose workspace, click the image or hotspot to which you want to add a tooltip.

  2. In the Properties panel, in the Tooltip box, type the text for the tooltip.


    You can add a tooltip to more than one image or hotspot at a time if you select multiple images and hotspots in the Images panel or on the artboard, and then, in the Properties panel, type your tooltip in the Tooltip box. However, if you do this, the new tooltip for the multiple images and hotspots will overwrite any previous tooltips that they had before.

You can test your tooltips by clicking the Preview button in the Export workspace, and then, in the Deep Zoom Composer preview window, resting your pointer on each image and hotspot to which you added a tooltip.

For more information, see Preview in a browser on export.

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